Genlin is widely interviewed by some of the most influential mainstream media around the globe.

An Announcement on International
Convention to Prohibit the Eating of Dog and Cat Meat

During the annual 926 Dog Lovers’ Day event, the World Dog Alliance

Theresa May considers banning the eating of dogs in Britain after The Sun reveals fears sick practice is on the rise

Downing Street announced this morning that the PM will ‘look closely’ at

Genlin interviewed by Italy Biggest Media Corriere Della Sera

China Bans Dog and Cat Meat, Entrepreneur Genlin: “a milestone for animal rights.”Genlin, a Chinese Entrepreneur with Japanese citizenship said

Genlin’s interview with Corriere della Sera

Transcript for the interview:【Interviewer】 Luciano Fontana Managing editor of Corriere della Sera【Interviewee】Genlin Founder of World Dog Alliance

Genlin officially nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021

[World Hall of Fame network] Half a year has passed since we covered the
story of the World Dog Alliance (WDA) in May. The year 2020 is the most unusual one in human history due to a pandemic that has completely

Putting the power of the paint brush to work for animal rights: Hong Kong artist targets Asia’s dog meat trade

Activist Peng Hong-ling is turning his artistic talents towards ending what he calls the brutality of the industry

Asian Animal Friendly Alliance Inaugurated
in Taipei

The Asian Animal Friendly Alliance (AAFA) held its inaugural meeting and media event at the B2 level of the Mandarin Oriental in Taipei on April 11.

Animal rights activist creates oil paintings to protest against dog meat consumption

Animal rights activist creates oil paintings to protest against dog meat consumption-Source: South China Morning Post

World Dog Day

The World Dog Alliance celebrated “World Dog Day” on Sept 26, with the opening of an exhibition of canine-themed paintings in Hong Kong. Source: China

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