Introduction to World Dog Alliance

The World Dog Alliance (WDA) is an international animal welfare organization. It is registered as charity in the United States, France, Japan and Hong Kong.

Born in Shanghai, Genlin (birth name Peng Honglin) is an Outstanding Alumnus, and a member of 1st and 2nd Board of Shanghai University. He founded WDA in 2014 and devoted himself into banning dog and cat meat worldwide. He pledges to achieve this mission with his own wealth and never accepts donations. He promises to spend 90% of his wealth on charity work, especially those related to dogs and cats.

Three Principles

  • Explicit legislation to ban the eating of cats and dogs
  • Change human society, Save dogs and cats
  • A trinity of people, animals and the environment: a sustainable planet

Since its establishment, WDA has led to the following milestones.

  1. Dog and cat meat ban in the US, Taiwan, Shenzhen and Zhuhai.
  2. The Ministry of Agriculture in China defined dogs and cats as companion animals and would not be included in the National Catalogue of Livestock.
  3. South Korea closed the country’s largest dog meat market, the Mudan Market.
  4. The Japanese National Diet established the All-Party Animal Welfare Members’ Alliance, forming an all-party coalition of animal welfare legislators.

To speed up the global legislative process, WDA proposed the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats in 2019, which has so far supported by over 200 members of national legislatures in the US, UK, Japan, Norway and Sweden.

26 September is WDA’s annual ‘Dog Lovers’ Day’, which is also the occasion to give WDA’s Golden Dog Awards to animal protection organisations around the world, and to honour outstanding activists who have contributed to the legal ban on dog and cat meat.