Mainland China

Legislation Roadmap

21 June, 2014
Filming of "Eating Happiness"

Genlin directed the filming of "Eating Happiness".

12 December, 2014
WDA was founded in Hong Kong
26 September, 2015
The First 926 Dog Lovers' Day

Celebration of the first 926 Dog Lovers' Day was held in Hong Kong.

15 March, 2016
Dog and cat meat ban bill introduced

Congressman Zheng Xiaohe introduced the bill to ban dog and cat meat in China.

26 September, 2016
The Second 926 Dog Lovers' Day

The Second 926 Dog Lovers' Day was held in Shanghai.

26 November, 2016
"My Dog Loving Heart" Seminar

Genlin held the seminar "My Dog Loving Heart" in his alma mater Shanghai University.

28 November, 2017
"Companion Animal Welfare" Speech

Genlin delivered a speech, "Companion Animal Welfare", in Shanghai University.

26 September, 2018
The Fourth 926 Dog Lovers' Day

The Fourth 926 Dog Lovers'  Day & Genlin Dog Oil Paintings Exhibition were held in Shanghai.

1 October, 2018
People of Shanghai supported WDA

WDA collaborated with Shanghai University to conduct an online survey.

1 January, 2020
Genlin clarified COVID-19 rumors on dogs

Rumors that pets could infect humans with the coronavirus caused a genocide targeting dogs and cats. The director of the State Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of infectious Diseases wrongly believed that the rumor could be true. Genlin sent a letter urging her to take back her words.

6 March, 2020
Genlin urged China to ban dog and cat meat
6 March, 2020
Genlin praised China for banning dog and cat meat in Shenzhen
1 May , 2020
Shenzhen banned dog an cat meat

The Standing Committee of the Shenzhen People’s Congress passed the “Shenzhen Special Economic Region Regulation on a Comprehensive Ban on the Consumption of Wild Animals” which officially outlaws dog and cat meat.

27 May, 2020
Dogs and cats are upgraded as companion animals

Latest news

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On October 1, a large illegal cat truck filled with cats and dogs and a small number of wild animals, even an eagle (a Grade

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On June 25, a Chinese celebrity posted on Weibo, “My dog Melody went through a series of checks and vaccination-related procedures to board the plane,

A puppy in Shanghai was alone at home for 19 days, after its owners were tested positive for Covid-19. Before the owners left for isolation,