Genlin's Charity

“Knowledge can change one’s destiny” is the motto of Genlin’s father, Peng Xin Chao.

To follow his father ‘s philosophy, Genlin sets up “Peng Xin Chao Foundation” 

and “Genlin Foundation” for a wide range of educational charity projects.

Educational Buildings

Peng Xin Chao College (2007)

Genlin Indoor Gateball Court (2008)

Peng Xin Chao Library (2005)

Genlin Tennis Court (2011)

Peng Xin Chao Primary School (2005)

Peng Xin Chao Springlight Academy 

 (2021, in construction)

Peng Xin Chao Scholarship

Since 1995, it has sponsored hundreds of students from underprivileged families to realise their academic dream.


It is also given to authors who make outstanding contributions to the publication industry in China.

Genlin Scholarship

Scholarships of all kinds are set up in Shanghai University, Genlin’s alma mater for hundreds of outstanding and talented students.