Genlin's Words

“Change human society, save dogs and cats”


Dogs and cats are the animals closest to humans and are widely regarded as family members. It is our moral responsibility to protect them from any harm.

“Explicit legislation to ban dog and cat meat”


A law banning dog and cat meat is the most effective way to eradicate such

barbaric practice.

“The more I see of humans,
the more I admire dogs”


Dogs’ intelligence, loyalty and affection form a stark contrast with the cruelty they receive from humans.

“No wildlife meat for health;
No dog and cat meat for civilization”


It is general international consensus that the COVID-19 was caused by the consumption of wildlife meat.

Banning wildlife meat could prevent a pandemic crisis while banning dog and cat meat could prevent a moral crisis.

“WDA advocates moral politics,
the highest form of politics”


WDA’s campaigns focus on setting a moral high ground among political circle. Once politicians acknowledge dogs and cats as companion animals, laws and policies that protect them will be established.