The United Kingdom

Legislation Roadmap

12 September, 2016
Debate on South Korea and the dog meat trade

The Petitions Committee debated on South Korea and the dog meat trade following WDA's e-petition on 

In response, the UK parliament applied pressure to the South Korean government through diplomatic means, resulting in the closure of Moran Market, the biggest dog meat market in Seoul.

16 October, 2016
First Parliamentary Event

World Dog Alliance successfully held a Parliamentary event on 16 October. Kindly sponsored by Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Chair of APPG Dog Welfare Group, our campaign has gained a cross-party support.

28 January, 2019
Amendment to Agriculture Bill

39 MPs proposed to add a clause banning dog and cat meat in the Agriculture Bill.

13 February, 2019
Prime Minister's Question from Giles Watling MP

Giles Watling MP asked a question of the Prime Minister to raise his further concerns and push for a proper ban on dog and cat meat in the UK.

19 February, 2019
Private Members' Bill from Bill Wiggin MP

Conservative MP Bill Wiggin introduced a 10 Minute Rule Bill on 19 February, to make it an offence to consume dog meat and to transport, possess or donate dog meat for the purpose of consumption; and for connected purposes.

21 February, 2019
Westminster Hall Debate from Jim Shannon MP

The debate in Westminster Hall on February 21, 2019 on the consumption of dog meat in the UK was opened by Jim Shannon MP

17 July, 2019
Second Parliamentary Event

World Dog Alliance (WDA) and Giles Watling MP held its second Parliamentary event to support the amendment in Animal Welfare Bill to ban dog meat consumption. 37 Parliamentarians attended the event.

30 September, 2019
Conservative Party Conference

The Conservative Party Conference was successfully held in Manchester. Our WDA representative was invited to such an important event by the governing party in the United Kingdom. This invitation also strengthened WDA’s reputation in the country.

11 February, 2020
Third Parliamentary Event

WDA launched its new campaign in UK. It called for an international agreement to prohibit the eating of dogs and cats in the world. 22 cross-party MPs attended the event and signed a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to urge UK to become a contracting party of the international agreement.

2 March, 2020
Letter to PM Boris Johnson from 67 MPs

67 MPs wrote a letter urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to sign the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats, initiated by WDA.

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