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South Korea Closes Biggest Dog Slaughterhouse

South Korean officials on Thursday began to dismantle the country’s largest canine slaughterhouse complex, as animal rights activists push to end the custom of eating dog meat. About one million dogs are eaten a year in South Korea, often as a summertime delicacy with the greasy red meat — invariably boiled for tenderness — believed to increase energy.

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WDA X CARE: Tori Doll Exhibition in Seoul

WDA X CARE: Tori Doll Exhibition in Seoul 2018 Toris, Korean President Moon Jae-in’s beloved puppy, lied down in front of Seoul City Hall in


Annoyed man kills, cooks neighbor’s noisy dog

By South China Morning Post – April 13, 2018 @ 11:51am SEOUL: A South Korean farmer killed and cooked a neighbour’s barking dog before inviting its unsuspecting owner