Cuteness Overload! New Residents in the Blue House!

The Blue House (Cheong Wa Dae) shared on twitter and Facebook photos of the newly born puppies on 25 November. These six new residents, three male puppies and three female puppies, were born on 9 November and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea welcomed the puppies 3 days later on twitter saying that “it is fortunate to have added six to the two gifts. I hope the inter-Korean relations will be like this.”  

Photo of the South Korean presidential couple having a great time with all six puppies and the mother of them, Gomi (곰이) was uploaded to the official social media accounts of Cheong Wa Dae.  All of the dogs were healthy as per The Blue House.

Two Pungsan hunting dogs were sent by Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, to President Moon after the two met in September. Gomi and one male Pungsan dog named Songgang (송강) came to Cheong Wa Dae with nearly seven pounds of food in early October.

Pungsan Dogs are famous hunting dogs originally bred in North Korea. This was actually not the first time for North Korea to send Pungsan dogs to the South. The then North Korean leader Kim Jong-il made a gift of two Pungsan dogs to the then President of South Korea Kim Dae-jung during an inter-Korean summit in 2000.