MP challenged Theresa May for a Dog Meat Ban

Theresa May was questioned at the Parliament yesterday after Giles Watling MP called for a dog and cat meat ban in UK. The Tory MP for Clacton asked May if she would committed to outlaw dog and cat meat consumption by supporting his amendment to Agriculture Bill. Prime Minister did not address his concerns. She […]

Former Home Secretary supports a dog meat ban in UK

Former Home Secretary Lord David Blunkett met with World Dog Alliance on 5 February to discuss a full dog meat ban in UK, which he has clearly declared his support on the legislation. Before joining the House of Lords, Lord Blunkett had been an MP for nearly 30 years since 1987. He was appointed as […]

UK: MP puts down a dog and cat meat ban at the Parliament

Conservative MP Giles Watling has put down a dog and cat meat ban as an amendment for Agriculture Bill on 28 January, after a meeting with World Dog Alliance on 9 January. In the amendment, eating dogs and cats is guilty of as offence. Violators shall be in prison for a period not exceeding six […]

US Senate passes Farm Bill 87-13 to ban dog meat consumption

Breaking news: The US Senate has just passed the Farm Bill with an overwhelming vote of 87-13 today (Dec 11). The Bill include a ban on dog and cat meat consumption in the country. US President Donald Trump declared his confidence on the passage of the Bill on the same day. He is expected to […]