Blue Ocean Pearl debuts in Japan

The first session after the election of the House of Representatives has been convened, and it has drawn a lot of attention as it was the first time for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to challenge the debate.

The extraordinary session was short, lasting only about two weeks, and issues such as animal welfare and animal protection were not discussed, but the emergency economic measures were intensively discussed. World Dog Alliance has recently published a booklet, namely Blue Ocean Pearl, which summarizes its global activities and the latest information to date. The booklet has been provided to leaders of various parties and lawmakers who show interests in the dog and cat meat ban during the extraordinary session.

The photo shows Mr. Kenta Izumi, a member of the House of Representatives and the new representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, holding the Blue Ocean Pearl.

Representative Kenta Izumi is a lawmaker who has shown support for the dog and cat meat ban that the WDA is working on. He is also aware that the U.S, Shenzhen, and Taiwan have already passed legislation to ban the eating of dogs and cats, and this is the first time he has heard about the growing momentum for legislation in South Korea and Vietnam.

We have also been in discussion with legislators who are willing to join the Inter-Parliamentary Peace Alliance for Dogs and Cats, the next important step in spreading the ban on eating cats and dogs around the world proposed by Genlin. Some lawmakers have made their commitments already.

WDA will provide further information to the Japanese lawmakers in preparation for the ordinary session, which is expected to be convened in mid-January next year, and ensure the dog and cat meat ban will be discussed.

For the sake of suffering dogs and cats, we never stop.