World Dog Alliance Met with Danish MP

On 4 January, the World Dog Alliance (WDA) had a virtual meeting with Danish MP Susan Kronborg to discuss a global ban on dog and cat meat.

During the meeting, WDA introduced the landscape of dog and cat meat consumption in some Asian countries and how its founder Genlin came to be involved in the field of animal welfare. Ms Kronborg has always been a champion for animal welfare; she has done a lot of work to crack down on dog smuggling from Eastern European countries. Those dogs are often abused during transport, such as being kept in small cages with poor hygiene and no food or water, etc. In fact, many dogs in Asia are subjected to similar abuses before being slaughtered for food, this is heart-breaking to many.

WDA also introduced its achievements in the past few years, including the success of “explicit legislation against dog and cat meat consumption” in the United States in 2018, and the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats, which is being advocated worldwide. Ms Kronborg found WDA’s work very impressive and hoped that a global ban on dog and cat meat could be realized soon. She has pledged her support for WDA.

Susan Kronborg is a member of the Social Liberal Party.