Dog Meat Ban is the Only Solution

Recently, a puppy was poisoned in Zhejiang. It ran to the entrance of the police station to “ask for help”. It then passed away after minutes of struggling. A van later came and dragged the dead body away. The police followed the trail and arrested two poisoners, bringing them to justice.

The incident was widely discussed online. Some said, “the dog knew to ask the police for help,” while others commented, “I don’t think he knew it was a police station, it just wanted to stay alive.”

One also replied, “The illegal production of dog meat from theft and robbery has brought an unnecessary burden to law enforcers and the country as a whole. A national ban on dog meat is a long-term solution.”

Editor’s Notes:

Although the police did avenge the dog, the dog’s life was irrevocably lost, which is the most heartbreaking part of the case for animal lovers. The time lag between the crime and the investigation of the crime resulted in the dog’s injury and death, which is almost irreversible.

In addition, the number of dogs that can be rescued by police officers is indeed very limited. The law is not strong enough against criminals, and with huge profits at stake, most criminals would reoffend the same crime after leaving the jails.

Therefore, the only solution is to outlaw dog meat consumption once and for all. After seven years of campaigning, the World Dog Alliance is now working to promote the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats in order to save millions of dogs and cats and promote a harmonious coexistence between humans, animals and the environment.