Be a responsible dog owner!

On 5 December, a dog owner in Xian had a dispute with a parent because her dog scared a child.

According to the witness, the dog owner did not have a leash to control his poodle. When the child was playing on the playground, the poodle suddenly ran to the child. Her father kicked on the dog to protect his child. The father then recorded a video and blamed the dog owner for not using a leash to control his dogs. However, the dog owner refused to admit her faults and even shouted at the parent for kicking her dogs. “My dogs are more valuable than your child,” she claimed.

Luckily, the child did not get hurt. The father reported it to the police and the case was later settled down. 

The video has drawn discussion online. Netizens believe that the dog owner has made a bad demonstration and she should be responsible for her behavior.

Editor’s Notes:

From 1 May, 2021, pet dogs are required to wear dog plates and have a leash to avoid attacking people and spreading diseases.

It is understood that some dog owners do not like their dogs being controlled by the leashes, because they believe their dogs will never run away. However, as it is stated in the law book, there should be no room for negotiation. Dog owners should obey the law and be responsible for the behaviours of their dogs.

Irresponsible dog owners have made dogs being blamed innocently.

The World Dog Alliance now calls for everyone to be responsible dog owners and manage their dogs according to the law.