Cuteness Overload! New Residents in the Blue House!

The Blue House (Cheong Wa Dae) shared on twitter and Facebook photos of the newly born puppies on 25 November. These six new residents, three male puppies and three female puppies, were born on 9 November and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea welcomed the puppies 3 days later on twitter saying that “it is […]

South Korea Closes Biggest Dog Slaughterhouse

South Korean officials on Thursday began to dismantle the country’s largest canine slaughterhouse complex, as animal rights activists push to end the custom of eating dog meat. About one million dogs are eaten a year in South Korea, often as a summertime delicacy with the greasy red meat — invariably boiled for tenderness — believed to increase energy.

Killing dogs for consumption is illegal in Slovakia now

Slovakia has recently (in force since 1st September 2018) amended its law on veterinary care to include a ban on killing of “pet animals” for purposes of consumption or for the purpose of selling for consumption. It does not however ban consumption itself. Fines for breaching are set between 300-800 EUR.   The responsible Ministry […]

First Farmer Fined for Meat Dog Slaughter for Breaching Animal Welfare Act

First Farmer Fined for Meat Dog Slaughter for Breaching Animal Welfare Act Dog-masked, members of CARE made a “Dog Slaughter Prohibited” declaration on 20 June in front of the Sokcho Branch of Chuncheon District Court. Incheon District Court Bucheon Branch Judge: This is an unjustified act of animal slaughter. Animal Rights Organization: Other animal issues […]

Amendment of Animal Protection Act by Pyo ChangWon

Amendment of Animal Protection Act by Pyo ChangWon A proposed amendment to the Animal Protection Act was introduced on 2018, 6, 20. Animal rights organizations welcome this amendment and urge congress to pass it quickly into law. The existing Article 8 (1) of the Animal Protection Act enumerates instances of animal abuse. However, the amendment […]

Annoyed man kills, cooks neighbor’s noisy dog

By South China Morning Post – April 13, 2018 @ 11:51am SEOUL: A South Korean farmer killed and cooked a neighbour’s barking dog before inviting its unsuspecting owner to join him for a dog-meat dinner, police said, in a case that has sparked online outrage. The 62-year-old unnamed man confessed to the crime after another neighbour tipped off […]