Danish MP Supports WDA’s Global Ban on Dog and Cat Meat

On 20 December, the World Dog Alliance (WDA) held a virtual meeting with Danish Member of Parliament Suzanne Zimmer to discuss a global ban on dog and cat meat. 

At the meeting, the WDA explained to Zimmer how dog meat is being consumed in some Asian countries and the reasons motivating it’s founder, Genlin, to start his crusade for animal welfare. Zimmer could not imagine how dogs are tortured before being slaughtered: beaten, skinned and even boiled alive, but she was glad that the WDA is actively promoting a ban on such crude practice.

The WDA also shared with Zimmer its achievements in the past few years, including an explicit legislation against dog and cat meat in the United States in 2018 and the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats, which is currently being promoted worldwide. Zimmer believes that international cooperation is essential in promoting a global ban on dog and cat meat. She supports the work of the WDA and is willing to champion for the cause in the Danish Parliament.

Susanne Zimmer was elected to the Danish Parliament in 2019. One year later, she established Independent Greens with a longstanding interest in environmental protection, climate change and animal welfare issues.