Dog and Cat Diplomacy in Japan

In 2021, the World Dog Alliance(WDA) started its “Dog and Cat Diplomacy” in Japan.

Japan has been complicated in all aspects of politics, economics, and culture, due to the conflicts between the two superpower nations, the United States and China.

It is definitely a test for the Japanese government to demonstrate their political skills of striking a good balance.

Many politicians find WDA’s Dog and Cat Diplomacy a very timely proposal, which can be a new diplomatic tool for Japan to ease the tensions.

In just one week, more than 10 members of the House of Representatives from different parties have endorsed the statement by the Inter-Parliamentary Peace Alliance for Dogs and Cats, and the number continues to grow. We have more opportunities to meet with the government to promote Dog and Cat Diplomacy. We have been able to exchange views directly with several ministers and many government officials. 

If the Japanese government can become a bridge between the U.S. and China and develop peace through Dog and Cat Diplomacy, the world will eventually reconsider the definition of peace. 

If human beings can accept differences and respect one  another, we will achieve the “Trinity of Sustainability: Human-animal-environment”. 

2022 will be a fruitful year for Dog and Cat Diplomacy. Let’s look forward to the success of Dog and Cat Diplomacy!