Legislation Roadmap

16 May, 2016
Taiwan and Hong Kong Dog Lovers’ Forum

World Dog Alliance (WDA) held the “Taiwan and Hong Kong Dog Lovers’ Forum” on 16 May, discussing the amendment of “Animal Protection Law” in Taiwan with councilmen and animal organizations. We hope Taiwan can be the starting point for Asian countries to legislate the banning of dog meat consumption.

20 April, 2016
Bill introduced to ban dog and cat meat

Congresswomen Wang Yumin introduced the bill to ban dog and cat meat. (photo: draft of the bill)

26 September, 2016
Grand opening of “926 Dog Lovers’ Day” in Taiwan

The second“926 Dog Lovers’ Day”was held ceremoniously in Taiwan with 3 main highlights:

1. “926 Dog Lovers’ Day” Outstanding Contributions to Animal Welfare Awards

2. Congressman Jiang WanAn Confers “Golden Dog Awards”

3. Preview of Documentary Movie “Victory Cry”


11 April, 2017
Taiwan banned dog and cat meat

Promoted by WDA, Taiwan became the first region in Asia to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat as the Legislative Yuan passed Congresswoman Wang's bill.

7 December, 2018
Animal welfare subject enshrined in 12-year basic education

WDA successfully brought about the bill to include animal welfare subject in the outline of Taiwan 12-year Basic Education.

1 February, 2019
Launch of DPG Animal Friendly Website

WDA launched "DPG Animal Friendly Website" dedicated to promotion of animal welfare through media.

11 April, 2019
Asian Animal Friendly Alliance Inaugurated in Taipei

The Asian Animal-friendly Alliance (AAA) held its inaugural meeting and media event at the B2 level of the Mandarin Oriental in Taipei on April 11. The organization is co-founded by Hong Kong entrepreneur Genlin, Taiwanese lawmaker Wang Yu-Min, and Japanese senator Oshima Kusuo,

6 October, 2020
Animal protection to be enshrined in the "Constitution" of Taiwan

29 Taiwanese congresspeople proposed to include animal protection in the "Constitution". Titled “Committee Proposal No. 25096”, the proposed amendment equates the importance of animal protection to academic freedom, property rights and other rights granted by the Constitution. The amendment, if passed, will serve as a testament of Taiwan’s commitment to protecting animals.

29 December, 2020
WDA created teaching materials for textbook

WDA started creating materials for the education department to include in textbook content.

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