Truck Stopped for Smuggling Cats

On October 1, a large illegal cat truck filled with cats and dogs and a small number of wild animals, even an eagle (a Grade 2 protected animal) was spotted on the highway.

After volunteers actively reported the incident, the vehicle was temporarily impounded, as the dogs and cats on board were of unknown origin and were suspected of being stolen without quarantine certificates, in breach of animal epidemic prevention laws. After investigation by local law enforcement agencies, the surviving dogs and cats were handed over to a local animal protection organisation. The dogs and cats are currently being caged and rehomed.

According to sources, the vehicle was believed heading to Yulin, where the animals will be used as meat products for the table, with most of the cat meat being sold as rabbit meat.

Editor’s note:

As an animal activist, it is heartbreaking to see news like this every time. On a day of national celebration, our companion animals, our furry children, are left in overcrowded metal cages on a 40-degree highway in the sun, waiting for them with butchers’ knives raised and boiling water. The dog meat industry has created too much instability in society.

The World Dog Alliance has always been committed to the idea of legislating to ban dogs and cats, because only by legislating a ban can the problem be solved at its root.

We also call on volunteers to be sensible and restrained, and to use all reasonable means to protect and save our companion animals within the limits of the law.