Shenzhen Seeks Comments on Park Ordinance

On September 16, the Shenzhen Government issued a notice of public consultation on the “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Parks Ordinance”.

The current version of “Shenzhen Dog Breeding Management Ordinance” has expressly provided that, except for blind people with guide dogs and physically handicapped people with service dogs, it is prohibited to bring dogs into parks and community public fitness venues.

Not long ago, some people complained that some people brought their dogs into Yangtai Mountain Park, and the park replied with a special rectification by setting up reminder signs and broadcasting to persuade people to comply with the regulations and visit the park in a civilized manner, which received the support of many netizens.

There are also dog owners who say that there are many people in Shenzhen who keep dogs, but there are relatively few public places for dogs to play, and the needs of dog owners need to be considered.

Editor’s note:

The World Dog Alliance (WDA) believes that parks are public places and should be kept in a safe and clean environment. But at the same time, the needs of pet owners must be taken into account. Taking into account public acceptance, the number of pet parks can be increased appropriately, although it is not possible to do so in one step.

Take the neighboring city of Zhuhai, for example, with a population of about 3 million, there are more than 700 parks, in addition to creating seven pet parks, and three under construction, all open to the public for free, the proportion of pet parks is about 1.5%.

Shenzhen has more than 1200 parks, we suggest that on top of the existing ones, Shenzhen can add 12 special pet parks (at least one in each district), the proportion of pet parks is about 1% of the total number of parks. If we can increase the number of parks to 30, the proportion of pet parks will reach 2.5%, which will lead a new trend and show the civilization and pattern of Shenzhen city management.