Zhuhai Civilized Dog Raising Press Conference

On October 25, Zhuhai Public Security Bureau civilized dog raising enforcement press conference was held at the Zhuhai Municipal People’s Government press conference hall.

The meeting introduced the launch and significant results of Zhuhai’s special action to improve the quality and expand the surface of civilized dog-keeping. It includes the completion of the draft amendment to the “Zhuhai Economic Zone Dog Breeding Management Ordinance” and the promotion of the construction of pet parks. At present, Zhuhai has completed the construction of nine pet parks, including seven in 2022, four in Xiangzhou District, one in Jinwan District, two in Doumen District and two in High-tech District. The parks are equipped with pet urinals, hand-washing facilities and various pet play equipment, and have served more than 60,000 people since their opening, providing a public area for dog owners to concentrate on pet activities, while attracting dog owners to organize a number of dog-friendly gatherings on their own initiative to exchange and share their dog-keeping experience, enhancing the sense of access for dog owners.

The meeting also introduced the next direction of work, on the one hand, will increase the rectification of uncivilized dog-keeping behavior, on the other hand, to coordinate and promote the further implementation of measures to facilitate the public in various districts, reasonable planning of pet park sites, and increase the construction and maintenance efforts to build the city’s civilized dog-keeping theme publicity front, while better meet the needs of the masses.

Editor’s note:

Zhuhai – one of the cities in China that has explicitly legislated against the consumption of dog and cat meat – has been awarded the titles of “China’s Happiest City” and “National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration City”.

Mr. Genlin, the founder of the World Dog Alliance (WDA), said, “Only when humans, animals and the environment are one will the earth be sustainable. The city of Zhuhai is a good example of how city managers are striving for a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, a virtuous cycle, and a sustainable and prosperous society, guided by the construction of ecological civilization. The protection and management of dogs is only one of the aspects of social governance, but it can reflect the civilization of urban development in a small way.

It is hoped that more cities learn from the Zhuhai experience in dog management, less simple and brutal, more warm and inclusive, the city will become better!