When will the UK legislate against dog meat consumption?

With the UK Parliament passing the Agriculture Bill soon, the World Dog Alliance (WDA) is disappointed to see the UK Goverment fails to include an amendment to ban dog meat conumption in the country.

WDA started its campaign to prohibit dog meat consumption in UK in 2018. Agriculture Bill has been seen as one of the possible vehicles to outlaw dog meat consumption by including a corresponding amendment.

On 28th January 2019, WDA’s champion Giles Walting MP put down an amendment to make dog meat consumption an offence in UK. The amendment gained cross-party support with nearly 40 signatures from MPs.

On 13th February 2019, Giles Watling asked then Prime Minister Teresa May, at the House of Commons, if the Government would support his amendment to the Agriculture Bill. WDA was disappointed but expected to hear a standard government response, with no commitment to the ban. It was even frustrating to hear from Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs that, they declined the amendment because it was ‘out of scope’.

WDA has also tried other strategies to put the dog meat ban into force, such as a 10-minute Rule Bill, and a new amendment to Animal Welfare Bill.

WDA’s campaign in UK will not stop until it came to success. WDA’s founder, Genlin believes that the eradication of dog meat consumption is the politics of morality. Under his great leadership, WDA could overcome all hurdles before the UK finally bars dog meat consumption in the country.