Hong Kong

12 December, 2014
WDA was founded in Hong Kong
26 September, 2015
The First 926 Dog Lovers' Day

Celebration of the first 926 Dog Lovers' Day was held in Hong Kong.

26 September, 2017
"926" Dog Lovers' Day - Genlin's Special for Dogs Art Exhibition

Latest news

On 29th December, 2020, a firefighter was found throwing his dog onto the floor twice. He was later charged with cruelty to animals. On 21st

The World Dog Alliance (WDA) met with Hong Kong SAR Legislator Gary Chan Hak-kan on 6 October to discuss the proposal of animal welfare education

The housing problem in Hong Kong has been severe to society. It does not only affect human beings, it also affects dogs. In the past,

Dogs and cats were suspected to be thrown into the sea by smugglers when the Police chased a smuggling boat last month. The Police found

Mongrel is a primitive dog breed in China, especially in the Guangdong Province. Mongrel is very common in Hong Kong, and is usually stereotyped as

A service dog refers to a dog which provides aids to humans in many fields. Service dogs are usually strong and smart with extremely high

In light of the surge in cases of street animals injured by traps, the World Dog Alliance (WDA) sought help from Legislator Gary Chan Hak-kan,

Over the past few months, there have been a number of wild animals being injured by animal traps. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty

Being a dog owner is a life-long responsibility. Are you willing to spend a huge medical expense to save your dog when it is sick?

Summer is nearby! Temperature in urban areas stays above 30°C most days, and even 3 to 4°C higher in the suburbs. The World Dog Alliance

Taiwan had put more than 33,000 dogs and cats in the wild between 2018 and 2020, and most of them were abandoned in the wilderness

The Subcommittee to Study Issues Relating to Animal Rights of LegCo held a meeting on 11 May to discuss animal welfare education in Hong Kong.