Dogs and Cats Thrown into the Sea by Smugglers

Dogs and cats were suspected to be thrown into the sea by smugglers when the Police chased a smuggling boat last month. The Police found 28 smuggling dogs and cats on the boat, and arrested smugglers with 5 charges, including Cruelty to Animals.

Smuggling animals brings harm to humans and animals indeed. Animals from unknown origins have a high risk of spreading rabies, which can be fatal to humans. Smuggling is prevalent in Hong Kong and the situation has only become worse recently. In August last year, the Police found a cage with 12 dead smuggled cats. In November last year, the Police stopped a smuggling boat and found 42 smuggled pups and kittens, with one already dead.

The World Dog Alliance (WDA) believes that the Government needs to take action to curb the number of smuggling cases. While the Government supports a harsher punishment on animal smugglers, no progress has been made so far. If the Government fails to take concrete actions, more and more animals will suffer.

Hong Kong society should have zero tolerance towards animal smuggling. It is necessary to give such criminals harsh punishments. Above all, there should be a holistic Animal Protection Law in Hong Kong.