The Most Honorable Job in the World

I joined the newly established World Dog Alliance (WDA) in 2015 and became one of the “96 fighters” to promote the world’s “explicit legislation against dog meat consumption.”

Not only am I deeply grateful to be a part of WDA, but I am also proud of my work. I hope one day that WDA’s endeavours will be commemorated in some manner, as animal welfare is an important aspect of bettering the world and mankind in general.

Although some have considered Genlin’s endeavours to be ambitious, it hasn’t stopped him from furthering WDA’s mission. His  documentary, Eating Happiness, shed light on the inhumane practices within the Asian dog meat trade.

Every year, 30 million dogs are eaten in Asia, 70% of which are stolen pets, and most dogs are brutally abused to death before being served on the table.

After learning of the brutal truths of this illicit trade, I took it upon myself to take part in spreading the word to governments across the globe.

I have been fortunate enough to represent the World Dog Alliance in the United States, Britain, Canada, Italy, Taiwan and other places. Eating Happiness has played an important part in raising awareness of the issue, and although it can make for uncomfortable viewing and be highly distressing, the truth of the issue must be made known to our governments.

Jason Pang
Development Director