The Day I Joined the Army

In the autumn of 2018, I joined the army.

After joining the big family of the Saint Dog Army 96, my views on the world have changed a lot. I used to think that it is enough to focus on human rights. NowI realize that it is also very important to be the voice of those voiceless. 

“Change the human society, save dogs and cats” is the purpose of the World Dog Alliance and the goal we have been striving for. Genlin leads the Saint Dog Army 96 to change the world step by step. First, Taiwan banned dog and cat meat consumption in 2017, and then the United States passed the relevant laws in 2018. Other countries are joining this international trend of prohibiting dog and cat meat consumption. 

After joining the army, I have changed a lot, and I now use a macroscopic perspective to draw the blueprint of development . I now know how to lobby and persuade MPs to join our clause. I now become the voice of those voiceless. 

I never imagined that I could change the fate of companion animals by legislation. This method of changing from the government has undoubtedly provided me with a new understanding of how to help animals.

In the autumn of 2018, I changed.

And I am looking forward to my future.

Natalie Lau
Project Executive