[Hong Kong Spotlight] Owner Refused Surgery for his Dog for Expensive Costs

Being a dog owner is a life-long responsibility. Are you willing to spend a huge medical expense to save your dog when it is sick? A dog in Tai Po is in need of a surgery to remove the swelling tissues on its reproductive organ, but its owner rejected the vet’s advice and left the dog suffering, as the surgery costs too much.

Worried for the dog’s life, neighbours asked volunteers to offer help to the dog owner. Unfortunately, the owner did not accept it. The dog has been living at the current address for 10 years. Although it is fed regularly, it is chained outside most of the time. Neighbours will continue persuading the owner to let the dog have a surgery. However, they may seek help from the SPCA if the owner does not change his mind.

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance states that any person who causes any unnecessary suffering or, being the owner, permits any unnecessary suffering to be so caused to any animal, shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of HKD 200,000 and to imprisonment for 3 years.


Photo from Hong Kong Animal Post