[Hong Kong Spotlight] Abandoned Pets Surged with Migration Wave

Amidst the new migration wave, many Hong Kongers wish to migrate with their pets but are put off by the complicated procedures, or by the age or health conditions of their pets. According to an animal shelter, the number of abandoned pets has surged 40% recently.

About a month prior to departure, pet owners would call animal shelters to take over their pets.

Pets may encounter emotional problems in new environments. In severe cases, they may even refuse to eat. For pets living in households, being sent from home to animal shelters is like going from heaven to hell.

The animal shelter criticises that it is irresponsible for pet owners to force shelters to adopt their pets, and it is impossible for shelters to harbor all abandoned animals. Before taking over the pets, staff of the shelter would ask pet owners to have a second thought. Sadly, only 3% of them change their mind.

The World Dog Alliance is worried about the undesirable trend of increasing number of abandoned pets. Having a pet is a lifetime commitment. Code of Practice should be promoted in Hong Kong to hinder the abandonment of pets.