Growing Number of Pet Parks in Taiwan

Pet parks allow dogs to run around and get plenty of exercise, but are mostly in less accessible suburban areas, making them accessible only on holidays.

How many pet parks (dog parks) will there be in Taiwan by January 2023? The answer is 83, with four more under construction and planned, and dog play areas attached to three highway rest stops, but this number will continue to grow as the 2022 elections for county mayors and county councilors show that building pet parks and dog play areas are already the most popular ideas for animal protection put forward by candidates!

But when you know that all parks and schools in Taiwan allow dogs on a leash and with their owners picking up dog poop, and that Taipei has 1,692 parks and green spaces where people can walk their dogs on a leash or with proper protection, you may wonder why there are so many more pet parks.

The first pet park in Taiwan was created in 2006, the “Yingfeng Dog Run Area” in Taipei City. It was the result of a campaign by dog owners who asked the city government to create an area in the vast Yingfeng Riverfront Park for dogs to run and play Frisbee off leash. Between 2018 and 2022, pet parks will be growing rapidly across Taiwan. The animal protection groups assess that the reason for this is that the regulations for pet parks are gradually taking shape, and that county and city chiefs like to cite this as an achievement in their administration, so it’s a reason why they are being followed.

For example, at the Chiayi City Pet Park, which is currently under construction, there are not only training areas, care areas and lawns for large dogs over 9kg and small dogs under 9kg, but also sitting areas with drinking facilities for dog owners, and a variety of play equipment such as hurdles, jumping stakes and walking bridges in the dog training area.。

However, in the eyes of the animal protection groups, the most pragmatic planning would be to set up a dog activity area in a corner of a community park, which would be highly effective without spending a lot of money. —- is convenient for owners and allows dogs to be fully active!