China Focus – Animal protection in Colleges

Recently, students at Wuyi College in Nanping, Fujian province, revealed on the internet that stray dogs on campus had been abused and killed by security guards, and that one of the dogs had been sold to a manager on campus. Witnesses claimed that the puppy had been de-furred with boiling water and that the manager was suspected of having eaten it.

On 28th May, the Wuyi College Stray Animal Protection Group reported to the school on the incident and demanded a holistic investigation.

Wuyi College gave a swift response the next day. According to the investigation, a competition was being held when several stray dogs ran into the sportsground and disturbed the races. Wuyi College decided to cut ties with the security guards who killed three dogs in this incident, and the manager who was suspected to have eaten one of the dogs. All employees involved had been severely criticised.

Editor’s Notes:

Stray animals are commonly found in campuses across the country, and most of them live in harmony with students and teachers. This shows the importance of animal protection education.

In this case, the stray animal protection group was brave enough to speak out and uphold justice for the poor animals.

Wuyi College responded swiftly and took concrete actions before the public outrage developed. The college also promised to improve the rights of stray animals on campus and educate all staff to be animal-friendly. The promising work has raised expectations for a harmonious and beautiful campus.