Winter Olympics Gold Medalist and her Cat

Recently, the Beijing Winter Olympics has attracted the world’s spotlight, and the talented girl Eileen Gu emerged from nowhere, making history by winning the first gold medal for China in the Winter Olympics.

With her outstanding performance, self-disciplined lifestyle and young age, Eileen Gu has become one of the most popular athletes in this Winter Olympics.

A few days ago, a sports reporter released a post-competition interview video in TikTok. Seeing the photo of a cat on the reporter’s phone case, Eileen Gu thought of her own cat and made a point to emphasize that it was a “Shanghai cat” – a stray cat she adopted in Shanghai.

Her cat, KeBo, is a stray orange cat she adopted many years ago.

The first time the cat appeared on her social media platform was in 2013, when the cat was still a kitten and Eileen Gu was only 10 years old. Eight years have passed since then, and the cat has grown up with Eileen Gu, accompanying her to school, training, and witnessing her transformation from an avid skier to a world champion.

Gu loves cats and has made them her mascot, painting them on her helmet. She is an athlete who knows how to treat life with respect. She adopted a homeless cat and gave it a home. By letting the world know that her cat was adopted, she spreads the message that no matter where your cats come from, they are all equally adorable and deserve to be loved!

Editor’s note:

There is a saying that “people who love to smile can never be unlucky. I would like to say that “people with a loving heart can never be unlucky” because they have a big heart for small animals. Through the acts of love and care, they may maintain a positive spirit, and thus are more brave, determined and confident.

While most of us may not be as a good skier as Gu, we can still learn from her and be kind to animals!