Vietnamese Migrant Workers Penalized for Dog Meat Consumption in Taiwan

2 Vietnamese migrant workers in Taichung were put in jail for 40 and 30 days respectively with a penalty of TWD 200,000 for slaughtering a dog for human consumption. 2 other workers involved in this case are still at large. 12 workers who only consumed dog meat were penalized without any criminal records.

This case happened on 25 October 2018. A group of Vietnamese migrant workers in Taichung slaughtered a dog for consumption. Police found remains and tools for slaughering at scene.

World Dog Alliance had promoted an explicit law against dog meat consumption in Taiwan since 2015. With the support of Legislator Wang Yu-min, Taiwan successfully amended its animal welfare law on 11 April 2017. This amendment does not only increase the penalty for slaughtering dogs, but also make dog meat consumption an offense.