US legislation to ban dog slaughter for meat heralds progress

Trump has joined the army


President Donald Trump has signed Section 12515 which bans the consumption of cat and dog meat, enacting the law officially. He now is a member of Saint Dog Army 96.

This is a watershed moment in the fight for animal rights, and sets the stage for similar legislation to be adopted in many other countries. We welcome the introduction of this new legislation against cruel practices, and believe it will have a far-reaching impact.

The US Congress plans to organize a celebration event. World Dog Alliance will be there to witness this historical moment. In our goal to achieve legal bans against dog meat consumption across the world, we hope to bear witness to similar celebrations across the world.

Hopes for Dogs

O dogs afflicted by agony and pain, your deliverance is at hand!

For President Donald Trump has signed the bill that bans the consumption of cat and dog meat. Thousands upon thousands will now cheer

The end of of your suffering we now celebrate, the end of your fears.


While, the global battle rages on

Know that clouds can never block the Sun.

While there is a war to win, do not bow your head

Blow the horn of victory instead!

The earth trembles, the sea roars.

Mother nature signals her power to humanity.