US-Italy Joint Initiative

The World Dog Alliance is proud to announce its plans to promote a joint initiation of the “International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats” by the United States and Italy. This collaborative effort, spearheaded by the World Dog Alliance, marks a significant step towards establishing a global framework to ban the horrific practice of consuming dog and cat meat.

Milestone Achievement in the United States

In March 2024, the US House of Congress voted 286-134 to pass the 2024 Appropriations Bill. The language of the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats, advocated by the World Dog Alliance since 2019, was included in this bill. The inclusion of this language sets a global framework for all countries to pledge their support to legislations banning the consumption of dog and cat meat.

Partnership with Michela Brambilla

We are honored to have long been working with Michela Brambilla, Italian Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy. Michela Brambilla has been a staunch advocate for animal welfare and is also the laureate of the “2023 Golden Dog Award,” the highest honor awarded by the World Dog Alliance. With her influential position in the Italian government and her dedication to animal welfare, we are confident that Michela Brambilla can push the Italian government to collaborate with the US government on the joint initiation of the International Agreement.

The passage of the US Appropriations Bill marks another milestone achieved by the World Dog Alliance. We will continue working tirelessly with the US government and Italian government to initiate the International Agreement and bring an end to this barbaric practice.