US Congress has just passed the cat and dog meat ban!

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US Congress has just passed the cat and dog meat ban today (Dec 12). This demonstrates USA’s leadership and marks a milestone in civilization.

There are at least 30 million dogs being slaughtered for food in Asia every year, of which 70% are stolen pets. World Dog Alliance has been promoting “explicit legislation against dog meat consumption” worldwide for years. There are people who inevitably say, “There is no dog meat ban in the US. Why should we have such law?”

To facilitate the legislation in US, World Dog Alliance has allocated all kind of resources, including three top lobbying firms which successfully included the dog meat ban into the Farm Bill with their excellent efforts.

After vigorous discussions for over a year, the US Congress finally passed the cat and dog meat ban today. This legislation has provided a solid foundation to WDA’s campaigns worldwide.

The legislation in US has proved the success of World Dog Alliance. It has also proved that it is right to “change human’s society by saving dogs”. We believe other countries will follow suit very soon. We are looking forward to seeing dog meat being banned internationally.