[Video] New law to ban dog meat consumption passes in the US Congress

  THE GLOBAL MOVEMENT of BANNING DOG MEAT CONSUMPTION New law set to pass in the US Congress should give the impetus to end the slaughter of dogs for food worldwide “The mission of the World Dog Alliance has always been to not only legally ban the consumption of dog meat, but to also change […]

Japan: Ban Dog Meat Parliamentary event on 15-Nov-2018

  Thank you Mr. Kusuo Oshima, Councillor of Japan Democratic Party for the People, for organizing this important parliamentary event in the National Diet of Japan 国会 to promote a legal ban on the eating of dogs nationwide. On 15th November, 2018, WDA and Mr. Kusuo Oshima held a parliamentary event to screen a video […]

WDA X CARE: Tori Doll Exhibition in Seoul

WDA X CARE: Tori Doll Exhibition in Seoul 2018 Toris, Korean President Moon Jae-in’s beloved puppy, lied down in front of Seoul City Hall in protest: “I am not food! Please support legislation against dog meat consumption!” Who’s the real Tori? Find him in the video! Tori was a meat dog until Korean animal group Coexistence […]

Eating Happiness Trailer

It doesn’t matter your age how much money you have in your bank account, your marital status or what you do for a living more successful in our lives.