The Pilot Scheme of Pet Parks in Zhuhai

On 13 August 2021, the Committee of City Management in Xiangzhou District issued the Proposal of Proper Management of Pet Dogs. The Proposal laid out a pilot scheme of pet parks, which aim to provide a safe environment for pet dogs.

Preparation is now in progress. Two venues have been selected as pilot points.

Pilot Point 1: Haiwan Yuan, Qinglv South Road (Area: 1300 sq. metres)

(Rendering Picture)

Pilot Point 2: South of Environmental Monitoring Station on Qianhe East Road (Area: 1000 sq. metres)

(Rendering Picture)

The Proposal has been approved and is expected to be implemented in around 10 days.

Editor’s Notes: 

Zhuhai is one of the only two Chinese cities which have outlawed dog and cat meat consumption. In November, 2020, Zhuhai was selected as the Most Civilised City in China. Zhuhai is widely considered as the most advanced city in Guangdong Province and the entire country.

In late July, a Shiba was stolen in Zhuhai. The thief was swiftly arrested by the police within 48 hours. Since the city has already banned dog meat consumption, criminals can only sell the stolen dogs to the neighbouring city, Zhongshan. The new pet parks allow pet dogs to play in safe environments. Zhuhai will follow the footsteps of Shenzhen and become an animal-friendly city gradually.