Shenzhen Marks the Most Pet-Friendly City in China

  With the recent rebound of Covid-19, the situation in China is getting more severe, and the endless pandemic is testing not only the efficiency of governments at different levels, but also the tolerance and love of leaders in cities.

  On 26 February, a netizen sought help online. He brought his two cats to Shenzhen and was required to stay at a hotel for quarantine. The hotel demanded euthanasia on the two cats (as medical waste). The government finally ordered the hotel to take care of the two cats until their owner finishes the quarantine.

  On 17 March, a group of citizens in Shenzhen were asked to have a quarantine for 14 days. During these 14 days, professional pet-caring agencies were deployed to take care of the pets of those citizens. For small pets, they can be even brought along for quarantine.

   No wonder Shenzhen is the best place for dogs and cats in China!

Editor’s note: 

  A motion has been proposed at this year’s National People’s Congress to enact regulations for the quarantine of companion animals under the epidemic of Covid-19. Following the first ban on dog meat in China, Shenzhen has once again proven that it is the city that cares most about animal welfare, and deserves to be the best place for dogs and cats in China. We hope that Shenzhen will expedite the development of local regulations to standardise the quarantine of companion animals and once again become the most pet-friendly city in China.