Saint Dog Army 96

Promoting “explicit legislation against dog and cat meat” is an extremely difficult task, because legislation is a tedious process which spends an inordinate amount of time and money. First, you need to understand the national condition and legislative system of the country. How a bill is passed or amended in each country could vary drastically. Next, you must find a legislator who shares the same idea. A legislator is usually responsible for one regular project sponsored by a long-term cooperating organization. Even if you successfully obtain support from legislators, their term of office is limited. One your partner legislator’s term ends, you will have to replan your legislative route, so during the campaign, avoiding offending the stance of each political party and continuous noise in the parliament is the key to success.

During our campaign, we have often encountered voices of opposition. Some people asserted, “We do not eat dog meat. Banning it is not necessary.” “Even western countries have not legislated, why should it be illegal here?” “We eat what we want to eat. Why are you offending our right to eat?”

Some government officials excused themselves, “Serving people alone occupies all of our time, how is there possibly enough time left to handle the dog meat issue?” “This is their culture, which we have to respect.”

Understandably, the path to legislation is never smooth as butter.

Genlin said, ‘ Outlawing the eating of dogs and cats is not just saving lives, but also depriving people of their right to eat. We have to fight like an army at war.”

Saint Dog Army 96 was thus created. This army has stationed its troops in China, United Kingdom, United States, France and Japan. Fierce like wolves, the soldiers have captured several strongholds in just a few years under Genlin’s leadership.