My Proudest Job

Most young people are interested in business, and I am no exception. Recall that when I entered the World Dog Alliance (WDA) in 2018, I just took the attitude of riding a cow and a horse. I thought that as soon as I had the opportunity to develop, I would immediately resign. I didn’t think that I have completely liked my work now. And the legislation of clear text and fasting dog meat has become the motto of my life.

This work not only gave me an unprecedented sense of mission, it also gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons. I entered the company for a year and went to different places such as the United States, France, Italy, Belgium, Taiwan, etc. to communicate with local councillors and animal protection organizations to promote the concept of WDA.

I have never regretted joining the WDA. On the contrary, I feel extremely glorious. I am fortunate to follow the founder Mr. Xuan Ling to accomplish great things around the world, and I am convinced that under his leadership, clear legislation and fasting dog meat are not just a slogan and dream, but an idea that will definitely be realized all over the world.

Freeman Chan
Project Executive