Lunar New Year Message from Genlin

The 2021 Chinese Lunar New Year is the “Year of the Ox” and it starts on 12th February. In the Year of the Ox, the headquarter of the World Dog Alliance (WDA) will relocate to Pak Ngau Shek (White Ox Rock) in Tai Po, Hong Kong. It signifies that we will uphold the spirit of the “Snowy White Ox” in the story of Buddha: a lone inhabitant of the highest peak, the Snowy White Ox is more industrious than any other animal. Unwavered by the freezing cold, it keeps marching on to a new height.

Looking ahead to the new year, the World Dog Alliance will map out the “Dog and Cat Diplomacy” through the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats between the United States, China and Japan, with the aim to mirror the success of “Ping-Pong Diplomacy” back in the 1970s. It is time to progress from “the small ball rotates the globe” to “animal protection for world peace”. This non-partisan campaign has gained huge support from major political figures around the world. It is my firm belief that under the tireless effort of the World Dog Alliance, the wave of a global ban on dog and cat meat has arrived!

Genlin, Founder of the World Dog Alliance

10th February 2021