South Korea’s dog meat problem has always been criticized by the international community. In 1988, Seoul hosted the Olympic Games. The government ordered all dog meat restaurants to be rushed to the suburbs. “Dog meat soup” should be renamed “Nutrition soup” to avoid being discovered by the outside world. But after the Olympics, the dog meat industry in the city center immediately revived.

As the only organization that promotes “Explicit legislation against dog meat consumption” in Asian countries, WDA has held a series of events and activities, including through Facebook and Twitter promotion, since February 2016. And so on, WDA launched online signatures, reaching 3.8 million readings, and obtained 100,000 British signatures.

On 12 September, 2016, the British Parliament passed a resolution after four hours of debate, confirming the decision that the UK will negotiate with the South Korean government diplomatically to ban the use of dog meat. This practice directly led to the decision of Li Jae-ming, the mayor of Seongnam City, South Korea on December 12 to shut down the Peony market, the largest dog meat market in Korea.