Japan Spotlight – Government Makes Progress in Animal Welfare Initiatives

Photo: Sapporo Animal Care Center

In Japan, local governments and private sectors are working together to improve animal welfare. Previously, private NPOs have led Japan’s animal welfare with their efforts to eliminate the culling of animals and have been praised by the society for their achievements.

A number of policies have been announced to develop new animal care    centers, which focus on animal welfare under the international trend.

Animal care centers provide shelters to abandoned dogs and cats and protect them until they find a new home. The centers have space for dogs and cats to exercise both indoors and outdoors, and also provide medical and grooming services to the animals. Injured and sick animals can recover there and are expected to have more chances to connect with new families.

Animals subject to the Animal Welfare and Control Law are domestic animals, display animals, industrial animals (livestock animals), laboratory animals, and other animals in human care. However, the Ministry of the Environment has jurisdiction over pet animals, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has jurisdiction over livestock. The World Dog Alliance believes that a new ministry with jurisdiction over animals should be established to achieve a sustainable human-animal harmonious society.

Protect animal with LOVE as we call it 動物愛護 in Japanese !