[Japan Spotlight] Extra Legislative Session begins

The 203rd Diet session (extra session) has begun. The session starts on October 26 and ends on December 5.

The Environmental Committee, responsible for animal protection policies, was held in the House of Representatives on November 10, and Minister of the Environment Shinjiro Koizumi gave a speech.

Minister Koizumi stated that he would devote all his efforts to overcome the new coronavirus and climate change, and pledged to create a carbon-neutral society in 2050.

Minister Koizumi’s subordinate including Vice-Minister Hiroyoshi Sasagawa, Vice-Minister Noriko Horiuchi, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Noboru Kamitani, and Parliamentary Vice-Minister Masaru Miyazaki also attended and announced the promotion of environmental policies.

The Environment Committee of the House of Representatives will hold  decisive sessions starting from 17 November. It is expected to cover the promotion of animal welfare, including the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats promoted by the World Dog Alliance.