Japan: New Developments in Animal Welfare

The world of animal welfare in Japan took a new turn. Two major events were notable during June and July. One was the 25th Animal Protection Catch Copy Contest held by the Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the other was the move toward the next revision of the Animal Protection Law.

First, the 25th Animal Protection Catch Copy Contest is designed to promote the spirit of animal protection in society more widely. The theme of this year’s contest is “We and Animals,” with the aim of realizing a society in which people and animals coexist in harmony. This competition provides an opportunity to think about how we are deeply involved with animals.

Meanwhile, there is a growing movement toward the next revision of the Animal Protection Law. The Japan Association for the Abolition of Animal Experiments (JAVA) is calling for a change from the Animal Protection Law to the Animal Welfare Law. Many improvements have also been proposed, including the expansion of animal kinds and species to be covered, the establishment of a new provision on industrial animals, the mandatory use of alternative methods for animal testing, and the thorough implementation of the 3Rs.

There will be a big difference between thinking in human-centered terms and thinking in animal-centered terms. World Dog Alliance believes that to create a better harmonious society, by remembering the moral spirit of each of us, and taking action, we can improve not only the future of animals, but also the human society.

Let’s change human society and save dogs and cats!”