Horizon broadening event

The Fifth World Dogs’ Lovers Day was held in Washington on September 26. Dozens of members of Congress gathered to promote animal welfare. I was fortunate enough to be there to meet with the members and introduce them to the World Dog Federation and the International Convention to Prohibit the Eatings of Dogs and Cats.

I was fully occupied the entire day with the morning session of a congressional activity and a cocktail party in the evening. From venue setup to mingling among guests, I dared not to lose my attention. This event deeply impressed me. For the first time, I participated in a cocktail party among members of the parliament. They were very enthusiastic and willing to understand the purpose and achievements of the World Dog Alliance. I am very honored to be able to chat with all the important lawmakers and could get to know more about the American culture during conversation. Their professionalism is something that I would love to learn and I also hope that I successfully gain their support on our International Convention.

In the future, I wish to get to organize more such congressional activities and lobby members of different countries to support our International Conventions.