Hong Kong Focus – Pet-Friendly Venues in HK Surges in Three Years

Hong Kong’s pets are having a blast! Since April 21, the government has added over 60 Inclusive Parks for Pets, doubling the total number to over 100!

The World Dog Alliance (WDA) welcomes such a policy in Hong Kong. Unlike traditional pet parks, Inclusive Parks for Pets allow owners to enter with their pets and use the facilities together with other users, which is in line with the World Dog Alliance’s long-standing advocacy of “human-animal integrated society”. The Inclusive Parks for Pets Pilot Scheme was first launched in 2019 with only six parks as testing venues. In just three years, the total number of sites has grown to over 100, implying the popularity of the scheme.

In fact, the concept of pet-friendly has also spread to private venues, the number of pet-friendly shopping malls is surging, and Hong Kong people are welcoming to pets and their social status is improving. 

The WDA believes that the development of a “human-animal friendly” society in Hong Kong depends on the cooperation of all citizens. Pet owners must keep their pets with a leash and keep the venues clean and hygienic when bringing pets into the premises. Owners should also be aware of safety at all times. Recently, there was an incident where a rabbit was chased by dogs in an Inclusive Park for Pets. Fortunately, no animal was injured. As for other members of the public, they should respect the nature of animals and seek permission from owners before touching them to avoid accidents.