“Fighter 96” Him

I have joined the World Dog Alliance (WDA) for four years. To me, our team is not only the “Saint Dog Army” that saves dogs and cats, but also a one man army among animal charities in the world.

For the financial aspect, WDA can fully sustain itself without the need to solicit donations from anybody; it even has the fund to spare in support of other charities.

For the strategic aspect, due to different concerns, very rarely would any animal charity endorse WDA’s legislative strategies, let alone work with WDA to promote legislation. Whatever we do, we do it by ourselves.

For the achievement aspect, WDA has only existed for a few years, yet our team is no stranger to working with towering figures around the world, such as congressmen and members of parliament. WDA has had huge successes in passing the dog and cat meat ban in the U.S. and Taiwan; the very same bill is expected to be signed into law in UK and Italy in
the near future. Such accomplishments may sound unthinkable to the largest and oldest animal welfare group, but we did it.

As a member of the “96 army”, I often feel like we are the lone wolf of the pack, and that is exactly what makes our success so satisfying.

Him Lo
Legal Director