Dog Saint Leads Army to Conquer the World

It has been 15 years since I have started working for Genlin, the founder of World Dog Alliance, from business to charity, from saving people to saving dogs. I am fortunate enough to have many opportunities to meet with people from different fields. I hope my experiences can help me take up a bigger role in the Saint Dog Army 96. I very much would like to take better care of others and to set an example for our youngsters so that things could smoothly.

2014 was a turning point of WDA. In order to save more dogs, Genlin personally directed a documentary called “Eating Happiness”. This documentary aimed to tell the world what a living hell dogs could be living in. 

From contacting, coordinating, on-site shooting, post-production, etc., whether they are frontline  or behind-the-scenes employees, they feel very deep, not to mention Xuan Ling. The contact was rejected, the arrangement was blocked, and the local security issues were taken. What’s more, the soul is suffering, the environment of the dog life is terrible, and the post-production must repeat these painful shots and editing.

“Change human society, save dogs and cats” is our purpose. In 2015, we recruited talents around to globe, and took advantage of videos’ persuasive power on international lobbying. We have negotiated with legislators, lawyers, lobbyists and many towering figures.

After four years of endeavour, it finally paid off. In December 2018, the United States banned dog meat consumption and turned over a new page in global animal welfare. It was thanks to our team spirit, but not a single hero’s honor. Most importantly, we follow a leader with ambition, determination, and vision. He leads our way.

Thank Genlin for giving us chances to shine bright. I am glad to be part of WDA.

Irene Fan
Operation Director