Dog Abandoned in Traffic

A video of a pet owner in Dongguan abandoning a puppy in the driveway has recently been circulating on the internet.

The video shows the door of a white car being opened and the owner putting a white puppy down and then closing the door. Media visited the shop near the incident and learned that the puppy was rescued by the security guards of a nearby restaurant.

“The dog was running around on the road, looking for its owner, and jumping around by the car window. I saw it and rescued it. If I hadn’t carried it, it would have been hit by a car,” one of the security guards said. The dog has been adopted now.

The police are investigating the owner’s behaviour in abandoning his pet on the carriageway.

Editor’s note:

It was heartbreaking to watch the video. After being thrown out of the car, the dog tried numerous times to jump back into the car, even though its owner had ruthlessly driven away. Compared to the dog’s loyalty and honesty, the human’s heartlessness and cruelty are plain to see.

Leaving a dog in normal traffic is not just “abandoning”, but more importantly, “killing”! Fortunately, the dog was lucky enough to meet a kind security guard who saved his life.

In the end, the investigation went in the wrong direction, with the traffic police only checking to try and hold the owner responsible for causing the traffic jam. According to the “Regulations on Dog Breeding in Dongguan”, which came into effect on 1 June 2021.

Article 23 Dog keepers shall not abandon their dogs, and no one shall mistreat their dogs.

Article 38 Any person who abandons or mistreats a dog in violation of paragraph 2 of Article 23 of this Ordinance shall be ordered by the public security authorities to rectify the situation.

“Scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, impartial justice and universal compliance with the law” is our new 16-word policy for ruling the country according to the law. In China, where the sky-eye system is so advanced, it is easy to locate a car. I hope that the Dongguan police will take this case seriously and bring justice to the abandoned dog as soon as possible.