Did you know? Taiwan has banned dog and cat meat consumption.

Taiwan was the first region in Asia to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat consumption. The bill was enacted into law on 11 April 2017. The fruitful result was led by the member of Legislative Yuan, Wang Yumin, who has been cooperating with World Dog Alliance to make the bill possible. On the next day, “Animal Guardians” was initiated dedicated to enforce the law.

Animal Protection Act

Article 12 

12.3 One must not do any of the following, even on pretext of Clause 12.1.1: 

12.3.1 Killing a dog/cat, selling, buying, eating or possessing the remains (carcass or offal) or food containing ingredients thereof. 

12.3.2 Selling the carcass of an animal banned from slaughter by the central competent authority. 

Article 25 

25.1.2 Violation of Clause 12.2 or Clause 12.3.1, namely killing a dog/cat or an animal banned from slaughter as declared by the central competent authority. 

Article 25-1 

25-1.1 A jail term of no less than one year and up to five years in conjunction with a fine over NT$500,000 and under NT$5,000,000 will be imposed on a person in serious violation of Clause 5.2, Article 6, Clause 12.1, Clause 12.2 or Clause 12.3.1 with drugs or fire arms to cause death of multiple animals. 

25-1.2 The competent authority may publicize the offender’s name, photo and facts about any offense described in Article 25 or Clause 25-1.1. 

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